7 Key Colors of the 7 Chakras

On August 11, 2014 by Francesca

7 Key Colors of the 7 ChakrasToday’s Inner Beauty Thought  is……..

How can colors help you?

Colors can help you strengthen your inner energy through the energetic system of your Chakras.

To start the journey of helping  strength your inner power, let me explain what Chakras are.  Chakras are spinning wheels of life force energy.  There are 7 KEY  Chakras. These Chakras vibrate at a particular frequency that resonate with a particular color.

They are kind of like the software to your energetic system. Like your computer, when the software is working well, the systems run smoothly.  When there are bugs in the system, things may not run smoothly. Bugs in your energetic system could be something like a limiting thought, such as “I’m fat.”

Here is how colors can help you. Colors that have the same vibration as a Chakra can help them spin. An example would be:

  • You wear a yellow bracelet
  • Yellow is the vibrational match of the 3rd Chakra
  • 3rd Chakra is the software for personal power
  • The bracelet is vibrating at the yellow frequency to its own tune and not effected by your thought “I’m fat.”
  •  The 3rd Chakra recognizes this frequency, sees it as a friend, starts to spin
  • When the Chakra spins it become more vitalized and energized
  • The color of the bracelet acts like a partner and gives support
  • This support gives the Chakra more strength
  • The results is access more of your personal power energy


There are 7 Key Chakras and here are the 7  Key Colors and how they resonate.


1st Chakra – Richness of Red, resonates richness, abundance, confidence, livelihood

2nd Chakra -Ovation of Orange, resonates happiness, delight, joy in life

3rd Chakra – Youness of Yellow, resonates will,  personal power, protection, manifesting life

4th Chakra – Grace of Green, resonates peace, harmony, love

5th Chakra – Balance of Blue, resonates with the inner voice, communication, wisdom,

6th Chakra – Inspiration of Indigo, resonates with the third eye, intuition, creativity, magic

7th Chakra – Vibrancy of Violet, resonates the energy of freedom, intuitive guidance, knowingness


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Ta Ta for now!

Francesca oh!

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