Beauty One by artist Jeanne O’Connor

On February 15, 2013 by Francesca

Beauty One by Jeanne O'Connor

Beauty One by Jeanne O’Connor Painted Film Collage

I love this picture named Beauty One. I happened to see it in the Banker’s Heart Building in downtown San Francisco in 1991.  It was around the time of the big East Bay Hills fire, though this is not a picture from that fire. At any rate, when I saw it I thought Beauty One, how sad, how tragic, how nostalgic, transient, and fragile beauty can be and yet so solid and lasting. I wondered how many faces gazed through that mirror before it began to turn to dust. I felt it spoke volumes on beauty and I was just beginning to scratch the surface of the mirror.  I thought I’d share it so you too could look into Beauty One’s mirror.

Beauty Speaks

Vanity unmoved,

chard, consumed by fire

Prematurely aged with time,

through circumstance

A victim of consequence


ever transient, fragile and wanting

Reflecting times past

to become long lived, in memory?

Fated, to be colored in a life of grey

Aesthetics are a question

to be found, discussed and lost

Reflected to tell you what?

A time, a place, a sorrow

So speaks the transformed vision

in a still moment of grace

2 Responses to “Beauty One by artist Jeanne O’Connor”

  • Thanks for sharing this, Francesca! I love your insight about the mirror and your poem is beautiful! I love the line, “Reflected to tell you what?”

    • Thanks so much, it is my first poem since grade school. I had not really thought of writing poetry but Jeanne O’Connor’s picture was so inspiring and reflective, it was so easy to write.:)

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