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Five Element Fashion in Action

“How does Five Element Fashion look in ACTION?” ‘m going to share...

23rd Jan
Nancy Mae Collage

Earth Element: The Inner Beauty of Daisy

“Wearing Happiness!” Is this possible you ask, to wear HAPPINESS? It is...

16th Jan
Earth Element

How to Empower Yourself with Gold

“How to EMPOWER yourself with GOLD.” Have you ever felt the JOY...

07th Jan
How to Empower with Grounded Gold

How to Discover YOUR Inner Beauty

Hi I’m Francesca oh! And I’m a Fashion Designer, Artist and Healer....

22nd Nov
Princess Fairy Dress

How to Evolve with the Metal Element

“How does Five Element Fashion help you change yourself?” If you are...

24th Oct
Five Element Fashion

Beauty of PHOBIAS

Before I left on my “Road Trip Too,” I happen to read...

16th Aug
Beauty of a Water Phobia

What to Wear? What to Wear?

“What to wear?  What to wear?  That is the Question…” This is...

17th Jul
Vintage Classic

Beauty Is Subjective

Hello beautiful people, and welcome to Oh! newsletter.  The place to”Discover Your...

10th Jul
Upcycled Black & White ShirtSkirt

OMG Fashion! Dressing Room Panic Attack!

  Today’s “Oh! Fashion Thought” is, OMG DRESSING ROOM PANIC ATTACK! So...

21st Jun
OMG Fashion! Dressing Room Panic Attack!

I Believe

I BELIEVE everyone is beautiful. I believe clothing is our most personal...

13th Jun
I Believe by Francesca oh!
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