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The Power of Beauty

Reflections on Inner Beauty.  

01st Apr
Inner Beauty Poem Power of Beauty

Beauty One by artist Jeanne O’Connor

I love this picture named Beauty One. I happened to see it...

15th Feb

Beauty is….

Beauty is…..subjective. Which means it exists in the mind of the individual....

14th Feb

What is Beauty?

Lizzie Velasquez What is beauty?   In addition, here is another great...

14th Jan

What Is Fashion?

“What to wear?  What to wear?  That is the question.”  This is...

17th Dec
About Francesca oh!

Getting Hit On The Head By The Universe

Have you ever had the universe kick you in the head?  Well...

14th Oct

It’s Not Your Fault

Hello I’m BAAAACCCKKK…. well I really never left, just “life happened” as...

09th Oct

OMG Fashion! Thought

Some of you already know the first half of this post, but...

10th May

The Social Voice of Fashion

What is the social voice of clothing? Everything we do interacts with...

17th Apr

Why Fashion

What is fashion? Why do we have fashion? Why in the hell...

01st Mar
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