7 Key Colors of the 7 Chakras

Today’s Inner Beauty Thought¬† is…….. How can colors help you? Colors can...

11th Aug
7 Key Colors of the 7 Chakras

The Beauty of Agelessness

How old are you? Do you see yourself as young, middle age,...

28th Jul
Beauty of Agelessness

How To Create Yourself With Intent

It was the year 2000 and it was the beginning of 2nd...

21st Jul
Francesca oh! Home

Why You Wear Blue

Blue is the color of the abundant sky Blue whispers the words...

11th Jul
Blue Whispers the Words of Wisdom

Miracle Worker the Color Green

 Miracle Worker The color Green. Green the color of Growth, Balance, Connection,...

16th Jun
Miracle Worker Green

Does This Choice Fit Me

Today’s Inner Beauty Thought is …….. How to make up your mind....

07th Jun
Does this Choice Fit Me

Hidden Magic of Yellow

When someone thinks about Yellow…..a first thought could be, that Yellow is...

29th May
Hidden Magic of Yellow

Secret Truth About the Hourglass Figure

Today’s Oh! Five Element Fashion Thought is, “The secret truth about the...

19th May
Marilyn Monroe Tutu

Inner Expression of ORANGE

ORANGE, the inner expression of the 2nd Chakra. It is the color...

16th May
Inner Expression of Orange

R&R Inner Beauty Tip

Today’s Inner Beauty Thought is….R&R, Rest and Relaxation! Having enough R&R is...

02nd May
R&R Inner Beauty
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