Inner Expression of ORANGE

ORANGE, the inner expression of the 2nd Chakra. It is the color...

16th May
Inner Expression of Orange

R&R Inner Beauty Tip

Today’s Inner Beauty Thought is….R&R, Rest and Relaxation! Having enough R&R is...

02nd May
R&R Inner Beauty

Secrets of Color

The biggest untold SECRET of COLOR is that it is a palette...

24th Apr
Color Secrets

Be Nice To Yourself

Today’s Inner Beauty Thought is……….Be Nice to Yourself. I just love this...

17th Apr
Be Nice to yourself

Bright side of Life

My friend Kari Samuels said that for 2014,  “April is a big...

10th Apr
CALA 2014 Flier

Grand Ma Segunda’s War Story

This blog post is in honor of my mother who passed away...

03rd Apr
Ordona WW II Photo

Secrets of Grace

“The Secrets of Grace”  Grace is smart and really, really nice. In...

25th Mar
The Secrets of Grace

The Beauty of Being a Plus Size

“Beauty in Being a Plus Size” is today’s Oh! Five Element Fashion...

19th Mar

Five Element Fashion in Action

“How does Five Element Fashion look in ACTION?” ‘m going to share...

23rd Jan
Nancy Mae Collage

Earth Element: The Inner Beauty of Daisy

“Wearing Happiness!” Is this possible you ask, to wear HAPPINESS? It is...

16th Jan
Earth Element
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