Dr. Mira Herman’s Inner Beauty Journey

On May 1, 2015 by Francesca

Dr. Mira HermanBorn in Israel, a sickly child, suffering from allergies, asthma and adrenal deficiency, Mira’s path for health was clearly marked at an early age.  The question was, how would that journey unfold?

Ill health continued  to follow Mira, by the time she came to the US at age 19, she was under constant attack of bladder infections.  Western doctors prescribed antibiotics, but Mira’s body received little to no relief.  Because of her determination and strong belief that her body did not need to suffer from invasion, doors opened, in 1978 Mira was sent to the now famous herbalist Rosemary Gladstar.  Rosemary prescribed an herbal formula and soon after, Mira’s raging bladder infections disappeared, not to return again.

Before this encounter, Mira had never heard about herbs and was immediately in awe of their natural power.  She was totally captured and intrigued by herbal tinctures when western medicine failed her.  As a result, she studied herbology from 1979 – 1980 with Rosemary Gladstar and eventually mentored with herbalist Bhavani Warden. During this time, she made made her first moisturizing cream, which she stored in recycled mayonnaise jars.  This moisturizing cream she still uses today.  It is her Citrus Restorative Cream, which is still one of the most popular creams Rosemira organic skincare offers.

Throughout the year Mira’s fascination with health never waned.  Looking back, it has manifested into 36 years of actively educating and practicing several holistic medical modalities.   Starting in 1979 with herbalist Rosmary Gladstar, 1980-82 pre-med at Santa Rosa Junior College, taking honors in chemistry and winning a scholarship. In 1986, Mira became a doctor of chiropractic, graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic West. Upon receiving her doctorate, she began her practice as a chiropractor. Mira’s passion for health continued to drive her, in 1994, she began her studies in Chinese medicine.  In 1999 Mira became a  licensed practitioner in Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

In the background of all of this has always been Mira’s love affair with SKIN.  During her spare time, she would make skin creams to help her friends and patients.  At some point, Mira’s friends started to regularly use Botox. This prompted Mira to read the labels of beauty skin products with the discerning eyes of a doctor.  Seeing a number of beauty products that had ingredients that didn’t support the health of the skin, disturb her. This unrest slowly took hold of Mira and in 2005, when she was still a chiropractic and acupuncture practitioner, Rosemira organic skincare was born.  It was not until 2008 that Mira became more deeply and earnestly involved with Rosemira.

Rosemira Orgnaics

Now 10 years later, Rosemira organic skincare has an extensive array of natural skin products for wide range of skin types.

In closing, here are a few words of wisdom from Dr. Mira Herman.

” The beauty industry sends a strong message of fear of growing old.  A fear of being unseen.  My message is, you don’t have to be toxic to be beautiful. To have beautiful skin, it does not have to be complicated or painful. Skin is more than an appearance. Skin is a representation of what is inside.  What you feed it is important.  Find out what food is right for you and your skin.  Feed your skin with the love and care, like a mother would their child, and it will glow from the inside out. The job of the doctor is to teach and discern what to use.  Because there is so much conflicting information about beauty products, my mission is to clear the confusion for my clients, to teach them what is really Face Food.”

Now that you know Mira’s inner beauty passion, the path her journey has taken her and how it has lead her to cook her best Face Food, it is time to hear from you.

Does the beauty industry make you comfortable in you skin? Do you have a beauty product story you would like to share?  Do you have any skin issues you would like to ask Mira?  Feel free to share in comments below because when you do, many more women are helped.:)

Have a wonderful and beautiful day!

Sending Lot of Light & Love!

Francesca oh! <3


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