OMG Fashion! Dressing Room Panic Attack!

On June 21, 2013 by Francesca


Today’s “Oh! Fashion Thought” is, OMG DRESSING ROOM PANIC ATTACK!

So I would like to share with you how to overcome DRESSING ROOM BLUES.

So let me tell you this story. Not this March but the March before, I was out and about with my dog and I ran into my friend Patti.  And Patti and I started talking about my dog, my blog and sewing. And then I went hmmm, in the back of my head, hmm, sewing, not too many people sew any more, hmm, that means, not too many people really understand how to fit their clothes, hmm…..manufacturers.   And then I went, “Oh Pattie, listen to this wonderful fashion thought.”

Sooo…Imagine, you go out shopping and you find all these great and wonderful clothes.  And you are soo excited because they are going to reflect you, and then you go into the dressing room and you try on #1 and you quickly turn towards the mirror and you go, OMG, that does not look good.  So you are out of #1 and into #2 and you turn towards the dressing room mirror and you go OMG this really doesn’t look so good. So you squeeze in #3 and now you open your eyes and you go OMG ………………..  🙁 🙁 🙁

Well, I have a secret for you.  It is not your fault.  Really it is not your fault.

Let me explain to you why.  Let’s go back and look at that picture, go rewind it as if it is a film and now just before you are going to look at the mirror, let’s go slow mo.  As you go slow motion towards it, what is your first thought and yes, that’s it!  It is surprisingly the first thought that you think, which is, ‘The clothes don’t fit.’  Yah, it is hard to look good in clothes that don’t fit.

So just think about it, if you were a manufacturer and you had to choose what size and shape you were going to have to use for your medium block, and you looked at all the people in the world and you go, OMG there as some many different shapes and sizes.  Really, think about it. There really isn’t a good average medium. So they do their best and you do your best with trying on the clothes.

So DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP! and stop listening to the should haves, like “I should have eaten that salad instead of the ……….” and make the CHOICE to see your beauty.  Acknowledge the simple fact that the “It is not your fault that the clothes don’t fit, that you are who you are and that piece of clothing was made in particular portions that are not yours. And remember clothes that do not fit, will not look good on anyone.

The good news about that experience is that you had a really fun time going around finding exciting new clothes, that looked just like you and that was a joyful experience.  And that is what you should take home from the dressing room.

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