How to Evolve with the Metal Element

On October 24, 2013 by Francesca

Oh! 5 Element Fashion Thought

“How does Five Element Fashion help you change yourself?”

If you are new to Five Element Fashion, here is the quick low-down.

Five Element Fashion is  a direction in fashion that can help you discover your Inner Beauty through awareness of your body, your emotions, and your history.  The goal is to bring you inner HAPPINESS.

The key word today is CHANGE.  We are always evolving and in Five Element Fashion that royal “WE” includes our body shape.

Today’s story is Mala’s story.  It is about how her body changed and how it helped her.

When Mala was a little girl, she was like most little girls, happily skipping along in life until one day tragedy hit her head-on when she lost a family member.  The grief from this loss was huge, it left her vulnerable.  The bonds that should have given her support were forceably severed.  This fear made it difficult to establish new relationships due to her loss and the resulting emotional trauma. Rather than joining in with others, she withdrew from active participation. From the outside Mala appeared haughty and cold-hearted. She was in a place from which she could not process her grief.  But as all children do, she grew and as she grew she not only developed her female essence but her muscles and shoulders began to grow strong.  You see, Mala was a Metal Element.  Five Element Fashion Part 4b

Her Metal Element gave her strong lungs and made her body more active, which led her to sports and interaction with people. Through exercise, she cleansed her system and her body began to process her grief.  As she became less numb and her body experienced the acceleration of exercise, she was able to let go of her emotional baggage. As her muscles took on definition, she became physically strong with broad shoulders.  This new outer strong image of self, strengthened her battered torn inner self.  She began to see and feel a body that was strong, this image validated the inner confidence she was building as she faced her demons. Her Metal Element was  helping her to evolve into a courageous woman.

My Chinese Medical Qi Gong Therapy book says that, in their natural state of well being, a Metal Element person: “Believes they cannot be in the present without cleaning-up and being released from the past. They are able to gain knowledge and wisdom by gathering and releasing their emotional bonds while learning and growing from each emotional attachment.”

In Five Element Fashion, Mala’s beauty reflects her inner strength.  The style of clothing which will do this is one which enhances her beautiful shoulder line.  Because of her muscular definition, tank tops are generally a good style and minis are often a great length for the Metal Element body type.

Mala’s Metal Element  transformed her physical self into a body that could help bring her out of that dark place of grief and allowed her to see and feel her true inner strength. She is now able to participate in life and form new bonds without fear of loss. If you were to meet Mala today you would say she radiates courage, justice, generosity and brilliance.

Five Element Fashion is about your inner beauty and how truly beautiful it is.

So here are my questions to you.

Does your body help you when you are down in the dumps, feeling blue and isolated?  We each have all of the elements, including a Metal Element.  Does your Metal Element talk to you?  Does it say something like this?  “I know you are depressed, but a good walk and some fresh air would really help you.”

If so, I would love to hear you in the comments below.

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Ta Ta for now.


Francesca oh!

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Five Element Fashion Part 4
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