Got Protection?

On May 22, 2015 by Francesca

Now I’m sure you want to know what kind of “Protection.”

Here is a hint.Grecian Top Water Element


Mother Nature gave it to us.

We all have it, but not too many LIKE it.

But….. really we all NEED it.

Because it PROTECTS us.


So what is this natural, “Protection?”

We all NEED.

We all HAVE.

But don’t LIKE.


It is Mother Nature’s natural SHIELD.

It is our adipose tissue, aka FAT.:-D

It may surprise you but our adipose tissue is our Friend.  It is in our bodies to supports us. It insulates us from harm on sooo many levels.

It shields us from cold, from physical impact, from toxins, from nasty elements from the outside world and more.


So why do we have such resistance to it?  One reason is, we have created some strong negative judgements about what it looks like on the outside.


Which leads me to looking at, why we judge the Plus Size so harshly.


The word PLUS is quite wonderful, just take a moment and think about what PLUS means.

It means, positive, expanded, increased, favorable, powerful…..

The word expresses expansion, upward movement, high ranking….

So why is negative thinking associated with PLUS SIZE?


The simple answer is we have trained our mind to see it as not so pretty, but what is not so pretty and what is pretty is really subjective.

In the early 1900’s, do you really think most people thought Picasso’s masterpieces were pretty?

Woman Playing the Mandolin

How did modern art become beautiful in more people’s eyes?  The simple answer is “Appreciation.” People started to look deeper into the pictures and began to “Appreciate” them more.

They started to see segmentation, layers, planes of seeing that they had never been seen before.  They changed perception through “Appreciation.”


Now I would love to hear form you, does your mind let you “Appreciate” your natural Shield?


Sending Lot of Light & Love!

Francesca oh! <3

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