Hidden Magic of Yellow

On May 29, 2014 by Francesca

Hidden Magic of Yellow

When someone thinks about Yellow…..a first thought could be, that Yellow is a color full of joy.

That Yellow is unassuming, because it has an air of pleasantness, politeness and  a lack of arrogance.

All of which is true but…….there is  a HIDDEN MAGIC to Yellow.  Why else would Buddhist Monks wear the color Yellow.

In 5 Element Theory, Yellow is the color of the Earth Element. It is the color that can help ground you to this earth, nurture you and bring you a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Yellow is the energy vibration of the 3rd Chakra which is located 2″ above the navel, in other words, located in your gut.  It is the color which resonates with EMPOWERMENT and your WILL.

In the energetic Chakra system, the 3rd Chakra is your power house. Soldiers, hunters, warriors will often use the intuitive MAGICAL power of a “Gut Feeling,”  to decide what they are going to do.

But there is a more HIDDEN MAGIC,  Yellow is the color that SHIELDS the spirit.  I guess that is why you can often find a Buddhist Monk wrapped in earth-tone yellow-gold robes.Yellow Monk

Now you just might ask, how does such a bright and happy go lucky color like Yellow emit EMPOWERMENT and SHIELDS your energy?

The answer is in it’s reflection.  When you look at Yellow, you can’t help but see Brightness, Happiness and the Glowing Power of the Sun’s Rays.

So when you wear Yellow, it  reacts the same way.  The result is, it can  help you connect to your internal Brightness, Happiness and Strength.

Wearing Yellow allows you to respond, feel, mirror, vibrate, resonate with the energy of the Yellow 3rd Chakra and helps you tap into your Inner Power.

When engaged, you feel Strong, Protected and Connected from a place of Happiness, Brightness and Peacefulness.

Just think about it, when you walk the path of Happiness, Brightness with the air of Pleasantness, Politeness and Peace, your energy becomes a shield to all that is negative.

Unpleasantness has nowhere to land.

Ta Ta for now!

Francesca oh!

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