How to Find the Sweet Spot

On February 8, 2015 by Francesca

Valentine’s week and love is in the air!

Is  the “Sweet Spot,” on your mind?

Do you ever ask, “What’s my clothing Sweet Spot?”

Do you find this difficult because you’re not so sure how to work with your large hips, big arms, being short, tall….?

The good news is, ALL of us can find the Sweet Spot.

So what’s the key to finding the Sweet Spot?

What’s the “secret” to image confidence and always loving how you look?

Well, I can tell you one thing it’s NOT.

That’s to be embarrassed with what you have.

Whatever your body type is, it’s beautiful.

You just need to know how to show it off with flair, class and your unique body signature.

One of the key components to being happy, comfortable, confident in your clothing, is to love and accept all of your body parts, even the ones that you don’t think fit in.

If you’re insecure on bringing attention to an area you’re not particularly fond of, my inner beauty fashion style tip is for you.

Here’s a clue, “How to hide in plain sight,”  CLICK HERE to find out how.

Now that you know “How to hide in plain sight,” you can apply this tip to your own unique body type.

Remember, start by bringing some TLC to your beautiful body.

Then go into your closet, try on some clothes and add a happy dose of creative attention.

Be sure to have fun, playing adds that extra spark of energy, that helps you find the Sweet Spot of balanced proportions, for your unique body type.


Now I’d love to hear from you. Do you have any particular body or fashion issues you would like me to talk about?

Leave it in the comments below.


Bye for now.


Francesca oh!





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