Inner Beauty Poetry Video “The Power of Beauty”

On February 18, 2015 by Francesca

Ever since I wrote my poem “The Power of Beauty,” I’ve been wanting to do it in a visual format.

This past week I finally learned how to do that.

Wanted to share it with you week.


The Power of Beauty

As I sit here and think about the power of beauty,

I listen to the melodic tones of the piano and I find myself in a palace of beauty.

I close my eyes and I see, I feel and I experience the immense energy of beauty.

As I open my eyes, I remain in the envelope of the empowerment of beauty.

Flowers, gems, animals, a beautiful sunset all reflect true beauty to us.

Artists express this to us through visual images.

Actors express this through their connection to their body.

Fashion, shows us beauty through the model, giving us image of what we can be. Which is why we are so excited to see what is new.

As human beings, we express beauty through what we create.

Such as ourselves, in what we decide to wear in the morning,

to designing a high tech cell phone or a sleek car,

even growing a delicious scrumptious strawberry,

to the most amazing beautiful creation,

a child.

So you tell me, is beauty powerful?

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  • Francesca, I loved your poem as you spoke with the piano melody. I recognized a couple of cute “little” boys and a car. We are so glad to be home after a long trip and plane ride. It was a lovely trip with our daughter and son-in-law and we saw some great sights in New Zealand and Australia.

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