Inner Expression of ORANGE

On May 16, 2014 by Francesca

Inner Expression of Orange

ORANGE, the inner expression of the 2nd Chakra.

It is the color of Clairsentience,



The color of Expressing Life!

Take a moment and close your eyes and think of ORANGE.

What do you Feel?

Does it fill you with an ABUNDANCE  of JOY?

If you let it, ORANGE will connect you to your senses, it will make you feel bold, it will make you feel adventurous.

It will bring you creativity, individuality, expansiveness and vitality.

ORANGE knows no lack.  It knows no suppression. A color that is bursting with Life!

ORANGE is the color of magnetism. Insects will fall under the spell of ORANGE. It draws them to what they most desire.

In return it gives them pleasure, connects them to their sensory world, allows them to revel in their desire.Expression of Orange

ORANGE is the energetic vibration of the 2nd Chakra. Chakra, the Sanskrit word for invisible wheels of energy that we house within our physical body.

Chakra 2, located about 2″ below the navel.  The Chakra of sexuality, of the senses, of emotions, humming along in concert with ORANGE.

ORANGE, a color that is magnetic and reflects, abundance, individuality, identity, creativity, pleasure, exploration, joy and delight in Life!

So whenever you want to connect with the JOY of LIFE, wear ORANGE.  Then close your eyes and really feel the Inner Beauty surprise!

Ta Ta for now and Cheers!

Francesca oh!

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