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On May 10, 2012 by Francesca

Some of you already know the first half of this post, but for those that did not get that email, I thought I should post on my blog where/how/why last week’s title/questionnaire came about.

So here is the story, back in March, after my first blog,  I ran into my friend Patti as I was dropping off my dog for boarding. We were chatting about my dog, my blog and sewing. Somewhere in the back of my head, I think, hmm people don’t sew much anymore.  Hmm, I guess today’s clothes might not fit as well, there are so many different body types, manufacturers really must have to generalize their fit. So then I said to Patti ”this is kind of a funny thought:”

Have you ever gone into a dressing room and tried on an outfit that you thought would look good, but when you looked in the mirror you went OMG this does not look good :(.  Then you return with item number 2 and the response is OMG this really doesn’t look good 🙁 :(.  Item number 3 is now on and the voice in your head says OMG this is………………..  🙁 🙁 :(. Well I have a secret to tell you, it is not your fault…………………

So from that conversation came the title OMG Fashion! Last week’s post (questionnaire) was do you think 🙁 or 🙂 when you think OMG.  I really loved receiving, reading and thinking about your wonderful responses. 🙂

I do still plan to compile my thoughts on the above blog topic once everything in my head gels.  But for now I’m going to expand on the OMG Fashion! thought.

Goodwill Gown

Goodwill Gown

So here is this week’s OMG Fashion! thought.

Goodwill Eco Chic

Francesca oh! Repurposed Goodwill Eco Chic Evening Gown

Last weekend my sister Katherine and I were having our nails done by Victoria.  We were all discussing my second post the “Social Voice of Fashion.”

Katherine comments, “I keep thinking that Repurposed Clothing is a reflection of our throw away generation; the not so young but not old enough to retire generation.  Those who are losing their jobs and find their skills are now obsolete. Struggling with how to reinvent themselves.”

When she said this, I have to say it was an OMG Fashion! thought.

For me it was a :).  In my mind’s eye, I see a healthy, strong yet gloomy 40 + person out of work, but I just cannot stop thinking isn’t it great to get a chance to reinvent yourself? What fun you will have to work outside of your box. 🙂

Well that is the OMG Fashion! thought for today.  If you are interested in sharing, feel free to leave a comment.  And again I’ll ask the question is this a 🙁 or a 🙂 for you?

2 Responses to “OMG Fashion! Thought”

  • Francesca,
    When I have an OMG Fashion reaction it can be 🙂 or 🙁 depending. Usually with Haute Couture it is 🙁 since it is more Fashion Art & not designing for the masses. They come up with some weird outfits. However I think with the popularity of Lady Gaga & her strange fashion sense, that her self-expressed style is becoming more acceptable to us. Hence her celebrity is opening the door to more unfamiliar fashion styles. To me that is progress. Some of my own OMG Fashion happy moments have been, as you have inspired, a repurposing effort to not thrown away clothes but to reuse them in a new way. It’s economical, good for earth & makes me feel good about being creative. I’m exploring my closet for more OMGs 😀

  • OMG Fashion! Glad to know that when I do not look very good in clothes that it is NOT my fault. It is just that my body shape is different from the body used to design the clothes. I remember growing up with tailored clothes – they always fit. Mom was a great seamstress and taught my sisters and me when we were young. Now I’m too busy to sew. Will I ever look perfect in clothes again? I suppose my expectations for how I look have gone down with age. OMG Fashion! is giving me hope again. Please keep it up!

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