Taking Risks, a Reflection of Inner Beauty

Today’s Inner Beauty Thought  is…….. Taking Risks!:-D Did you know that “Taking...

16th Oct
Taking Risks a Reflection of Inner Beauty

Does This Choice Fit Me

Today’s Inner Beauty Thought is …….. How to make up your mind....

07th Jun
Does this Choice Fit Me

Inner Expression of ORANGE

ORANGE, the inner expression of the 2nd Chakra. It is the color...

16th May
Inner Expression of Orange

Be Nice To Yourself

Today’s Inner Beauty Thought is……….Be Nice to Yourself. I just love this...

17th Apr
Be Nice to yourself

How to Empower Yourself with Gold

“How to EMPOWER yourself with GOLD.” Have you ever felt the JOY...

07th Jan
How to Empower with Grounded Gold
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