The Beauty of Agelessness

On July 28, 2014 by Francesca

Beauty of Agelessness

How old are you?

Do you see yourself as young, middle age, getting  old?

Are you afraid of growing old?

Well, I have a secret for you.

You are always young.  You are not old because your Inner Beauty really exists in the space of Agelessness and Timelessness.

Have you ever wondered why part of you always feels the same age, it feels young and never feels old?

It is really wonderful, this part of you, that always feels the same age.

To find it, for a moment, don’t listen to what your mind says or what your body says.

Just for a moment, listen to that part of you, that doesn’t feel the restrictions of age.

What does it feel like?  “Agelessness?”

Yep, your feelings aren’t lying to you.  You aren’t old. Your true inner self is ageless.

When my son was 3, he spontaneously reached out and took our 80 year old neighbor’s hands in his.  He looked at them very closely, turning them over and over in his hands.  He traced the wrinkles with his fingers and ran them over her pronounced blue veins.  Observing intensely the speckled liver spots that covered the top of her hands.   He began petting her hands.  Over and over again he stroked them.  Finally he asked, “Jeanne, why do they looked the way they do?”  The only answer that made any sense to all of us was, to say, “Because, I am old.”

Without a pause, his response was “Oh, no Jeanne, you are not old.  No, you are not old.”

All our hearts melted with the truth.  He saw her more clearly than any of us.

When he looked at Jeanne, he saw her through the ageless space of inner beauty.

Wishing all you ageless spirits a glorious day!


Francesca oh!

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