The Beauty of Being a Plus Size

On March 19, 2014 by Francesca

Beauty of Being A Plus Size

“Beauty in Being a Plus Size” is today’s Oh! Five Element Fashion Thought.

Today’s story is about big, beautiful, buxom Melissa with jet black hair and ghostly goth make-up. I would often see her in an BIG black leather, steam punk, chain, studded, motorcycle jacket with heavy duty combat boots. In her big black boots, Melissa would casually swagger towards me, and I could see she was a person of power and set boundaries. To say the least, Melissa is a dramatic fashionista. But what really fascinates me about Melissa is her natural ease with all the space around her.

Melissa's SwaggerHer size makes her appear naturally strong, commanding and somewhat intimidating, but really she is incredibly tender, sensitive and intuitive and never likes to ruffle anyone’s feathers–even when bad things happened to her. She would talk about frustrating situations with such ease I believed she was probably a natural negotiator and peacemaker. She seemed to emanate the simple wisdom of how to take things in-stride. Annoying things would just not attach, they would roll right off of her.

Like the time airport security searched her bag over and over again, trying to find something wrong. She just casually smiled. They eventually focused on her lipstick case that was in the shape of a firecracker. It was a red cardboard tube with a piece of string glued to it. Security discussed it for a long time and decided it was too risky and confiscated it. Melissa just shrugged and slowly glided to her gate.

Or the time she got pulled aside because the airport dogs wouldn’t stop smelling her black wool coat. Melissa was as calm as a clam shell. She even casually mentioned she got strip-searched because the security guards were not satisfied after pattng her down. I can’t remember for sure, but I don’t think she missed her flight to Europe.


Big Beautiful Melissa reflects the grace of casual elegance. She moves fluidly through life, as if she is made of water, which she is. You see, Melissa is a Water Element, whose dominant organ is the Kidney. In Five Element Theory, the Kidney is the “Source of our Life Force.” And, not surprisingly, the color which resonates with the Water Element is indigo blue or a blue that is close to black.

The Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty of the Water Element is that in their natural state of well being they radiate the wisdom of life. Their bigness gives them an inherent feeling for abundance; their affinity for abundance makes them spontaneously warm, good humored and generous. It also protects them from the hard knocks that would normally throw many of us into a tizzy.

So what type of fashionista style reflects the Water Element? Clothing that embraces abundance and can tastefully express their generous, graceful curves and movements. There is no other Element that can Rock fabric like the Water Element. The Water Element fashionista can be Steam Punk, they can be Fantasy, they can be Classic; it is the proportions, contrasts and lines that are important to observe. You want to mix them up and have fun with it, a little bit of fitted with a good generous dose of fabric, and don’t be afraid to fall in love with abundance.

Ta Ta for now!


Francesca Oh!

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