What Is Fashion?

On December 17, 2012 by Francesca


“What to Wear?”

“What to wear?  What to wear?  That is the question.”  This is the FIRST major decision you make at the beginning of the day.

“Whether it is nobler to look like myself or somebody else?” This is the all too often fashion quandary we can find ourselves in at the beginning of the day.

What do I feel like, what do I want to look like, and how do I want to see myself?”  These are the internal questions that bounce around in our head at the beginning of the day.

Francesca OH! ShirtPant

Francesca oh!

“Which is it?  Is it better for me to wear that shirt, that pant, or that shirtpant?” This is the fashion conundrum we face at the beginning of the day.

The outcome of this conversation is my definition of “Fashion.”  It is “Self-Fashion.” Self-Fashion is an expression of self through your choices of self-adornment.

Cultural Custom Fashion

Cultural Custom Fashion

How do we make these choices?  They can be in a large part dictated by the prevailing custom or style of dress with which you are culturally comfortable and familiar.  It can be influenced by trends, social circles, age, weather, body type, skin tone, and other physical attributes.

Social Circle Fashion

Social Circle Fashion

Choices of adornment can be made on how you feel, what you believe, and how you want to see yourself.  All these choices, which you make in that rushed moment in the morning, reflect who you are, to yourself, others, and the world.

So what is this purpose of this reflection?

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

The purpose is to have a pictorial voice of self. We communicate at many levels and this is just one of them. This strong urge to communicate is what drives fashion.  Fashion is our desire to understand and say who we are on a personal and community level.

I guess, that is why so many of us are in love with the art of “Fashion”. 🙂


Photography Credits:

Audrey Hepburn Photo Public Domain

Francesca oh! ShirtPant: Photographer Ehrland Hollingsworth & Model Hannah Brown

Cultural Custom Fashion Photograph Kenya.blogspot.com

Social Circle Fashion Photograph Apricado Fashion Trends

Mirror Mirror Photograph Pinterest Board Anna Wergun

2 Responses to “What Is Fashion?”

  • Francesca, if fashion is so integral to who we are and how we communicate that to the world, what about those of us who are not interested in constantly changing with the trends (aka fashion)?

    Give me the same comfortable classic clothes that feel and look good year after year, and I’m happy.

    Congratulations on getting your new site up and running!

    • Nancy, thanks for the question. I apologize for taking so long to reply. I’ve actually been thinking about this since you asked the question.

      To be honest, at first your question confused me. I think that is because I couldn’t understand the premise that “fashion” is defined only by the constantly changing trends. Following changing trends is one aspect of “fashion,” but not the only one. To me it is not the primary thought behind the word. I define “fashion” as “self-fashion.” (In the blog, I did say this was “my” definition of fashion and I’m not your normal fashion designer.) So whether your “self-fashion” is a desire to change with the trends or to wear comfortable classic clothes that feel and look good year after year, you are expressing your “self-fashion.” The most important thing about all of this “fashion” noise, is to find a place of peace, contentment and fulfillment with a “self” that is reflected in your clothing.:)

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