Why You Wear Blue

On July 11, 2014 by Francesca

Blue Whispers the Words of Wisdom

Blue is the color of the abundant sky

Blue whispers the words of wisdom

Blue is the color that flows and flies

Blue waters call to us to dive


Become One

In the Immense Body of  of Blue

You may have asked yourself at one time or other “Why do I wear blue?”

The first thought that comes to my mind, is that Blue is a color everyone likes. It is expresses easy.  It is soothing.  It is subtle.  It doesn’t conflict. It goes with the flow.

Blue like all colors has a vibration.  Its vibration resonates with the 5th chakra.  If you are not familiar with CHAKRAS, they are spinning wheels on energy that align along our spine and extend to the top of our head.  Chakra 5 is at the clef of the throat, it is the energy of communication.

Blue is also an energy color in the Chinese medical 5 Element Theory, it is color of the Water Element, the element of wisdom and abundance.

Blue helps us by speaking the words of wisdom and abundance.

How? Well……..here is a picture.

During the 4th of July week, I was hiking through expansive open desert like hills, just southeast of Yosemite and the sky was everywhere. It surrounded me. I could not ignore its enormity. As I looked up, it made my soul sing and I had a desire to fly with the gentleness of the wind. Later, I watched the water of a deep blue lake flow one way and then the other. Knowing the element of water is so fluid and yet so powerful. I was fascinated by the blue sky reflecting into the clear water, to become one and merge as a deeper blue. The crystal clear blue water kept calling, without an audible voice,  “Come join me, I am your friend, let’s play!”

Ta Ta for now

Francesca oh!

P.S. Wanted to share my 5th Chakra Water Element Lapis necklace. One of the energetic attributes of Lapis is that it helps with strengthening communications on all levels. If you want more information about my energy stone jewelry, feel free to shoot me an email.:)

Lapis Water Element

Water Element Lapis Necklace


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